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TEK Link Zoho

TEK Link Zoho connects d-tools System Integrator (SI) to Zoho CRM and Zoho Books. This allows you to easily and seamlessly move data between these applications and streamline your workflow. Please contact us to see how we can help your business be more efficent.


  • Send Deal 
  • Update Deal from SI 
  • Update Deal to SI 


  • Import/Sync Catalog to Items 
  • Import SI Project to Estimate 
  • Import SI Project to Sales Order (whole Project or Phase) 
  • Push Estimate to SI Project 
  • Import SI PO to Books PO 

Coming Soon: 

  • Create Books SO from Deal (whole or Phase) – In Beta 
  • Create Books PO from Items on Books SO/dtools SI Project (this could eliminate POs in SI) 
  • Update items on SO or Estimate without replacing them 
  • Import SI Project into Projects (this is very early in development)