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Application Development

Do you need a custom software solution?

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Let us help you build an application to suit your needs.

We have discovered that many small businesses looking to solve problems with software share a common problem. It’s difficult to know what’s possible, and then attempting to create a specification that is enough to build an application is challenging. We bring extensive experience in manufacturing and distribution to help you create a solution that works for you. We have found that by creating a general understanding of the end goals and a budget, that we can work with you to find a cost effective and functional solution. We will then work with you throughout the process to ensure that vision is fulfilled.

TEK Consulting provides application development services in a variety of languages including Java, Python, VBA, Asp.Net, and SQL Server.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Understanding the Problem

We work with you to understand the problems you are trying to solve. It’s often much more productive to discuss the problem than to have you tell us your proposed solution. This helps make sure that you can see all the possible options that you have, and often results in a better end product.

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Step 2: The Design Stage

We will assist in providing a design that meets all the goals. Often this means establishing a timeline and intermediate goals as well. Proof of concept and demo applications may also be developed at this time.

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Step 3: Development

Development begins. We will work with you throughout the process, as oftentimes needs can change as we progress.

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Step 4: Delivery

Product is delivered. We will continue to work with you to resolve any bugs and hopefully continue to explore new opportunities as your business prospers.

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Are you ready?