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Our Company

TEK Consulting was founded in 2007, and since that day, we have been focused on helping your small- or medium-sized business make sense of your technology needs. We can help solve real world business problems including helping your business with systems integration and software development, as well as web design, development, and digital marketing.

Our real-world experience in software, marketing, and networking, as well as manufacturing and distribution processes, makes it very easy for us to bring solutions to your business that work.

Our Team

Travis Kleckner Founder & CEO

Travis has been writing computer software since before he could drive. Starting with a Commodore 64 (back when 64 meant KB not bit!) he has working with nearly everything in between. Travis worked as a consultant developing technology solutions for small and midsize manufacturing and distribution companies, IT Manager/lead developer for a manufacturing company and Senior Developer for a startup. He founded TEK Consulting to help small businesses solve complex business problems.

Karen Fraley Web Developer & Marketing Strategist

Karen has been designing and building websites since 2005, and joined the TEK Consulting team in 2015. She combines her background web development with extensive data analytics experience in order to assist clients with all aspects of their web presence and marketing needs.